Muscat – Ljubljana

Trip Report Information

Departure Airport: Muscat International (MCT)
Arrival Airport:  Ljubljana International Airport (LJU)

Via: Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (IST)

Aircrafts:  Boeing B737-900ER and Airbus A321

Class: Business and Economy Class

Journey Length: 10 hours and 20 minutes

Airlines: Turkish Airlines



I arrived to the airport about 2 hours and 10 minutes before the departure. Oman airport have separated check-in counters for Business Class. All airlines except Oman Air will have their Business and First Class check-in counter in separated area. On the left side of Business / First Class Check-In there where lounge chairs with tables. I would love if more airport around the world would have this kind of check-in counters. Check-In took about 10 minutes and I was only one in the line for Turkish Airlines. Agent was friendly, but they ran out of “Priority Delivery” tags. This was a minor disappointment just because I would need to wait few additional minutes at my final destination to get my luggage. Airport was not very busy. There was priority emigration counters reserved for Business / First Class and flight crew. Emigration and security check took less than 5 minutes.


Check-In Lounge



Turkish Airlines is using the Prime Class Lounge in the Muscat. Prime Class Lounge is also accessible for all airlines that fly to/from Muscat*, Priority Pass members and cardholders of credit cards with lounge access. You can also purchase access to the lounge for 20 OMR (about 50$).

*Except Oman Air which is having their own lounge

Lounge is very beautiful and modern with many facilities such as pool, kids center, TV lounge and business center. Lounge is also offering both cold and warm food, dessert’s and full service bar. Lounge is also offering private suites but I don’t know if they are restrictions who can use them.

Along the side of lounge there is seating area with lounge chairs and sofas. Through this area there are also few places where soft drinks are placed, so you don’t need to walk to the food corner. I was planing to eat only my flight to Istanbul so I had only glass of tonic with ice.


Lounge chairs and pool table


TV Lounge

Lounge staff was very friendly only service could be a bit more attentive, there was few empty glasses and plates around the place. Wi-FI was working great. Only I would add more staff to the reception of the lounge. There was 6 passengers in the line when I entered the lounge and I had to wait for about 5 minutes to entered.


Lounge Rating 17/20 (Food and Drinks 4/5, Ambiance 5/5, Facilities 4/5, Service 4/5)


At about 02:10 am I left the lounge. Gate was located about 10 minutes away from the lounge. When I reached the gate, there was already “Final Call”. I board the plane as one of the last passengers. They used 1 jet way and front doors for boarding.

Flight Info

Route: Muscat – Istanbul

Flight Number: TK 775

Airline: Turkish Airlines

Aircraft: Boeing B737-900ER

Departure Time 02:25 am (actual 02:45 am)

Arrival Time: 07:15 am (actual 06:35 am)

Flight Duration: 5 hours 40 minutes (actual 4 hour 50 minutes)

Class and seat: Business Class, seat 3F (Recliner)

Departure and Arrival time are local


This Boeing B737-900ER had separate Business Class cabin with 16 reclining seats.  Seats offered average legroom. The seat was equipped with personal inflight entertainment screen and USB power port. The seat had manual controls for leg rest, back rest and lumbar support. To the side of the seat there was also a table. Recline of the seat was not that generous, it would be okay for 5 hour flight if this would be day flight. It could be compared to the Qatar Airways or Etihad Airlines A320 / A321 (minus electric seat control). I know this flight is still regional flight even that is one of the longer flights operated by B737. During the flight there was a moving map displayed on the overhead TV screens. This B737 was also equipped with “Sky-Interior” advance cabin lights.




Business Class Seat Controls



Ambient lighting


In-Flight Entertainment Screen


In-Flight Entertainment Remote Control

In-Flight Entertainment had very good choice of music. There where also lot’s of movies from Hollywood and Turkish production. Headphones where good, I liked the sound quality which was good. I also checked out the games section and there where classic games such as Chess, Solitaire, Quiz, etc.

The boarding was completed few minutes before 2:45 am. Once the boarding was completed I was offered a choice of welcome drink (water, orange juice, raspberry juice and lemonade). I choose the raspberry juice and I was also offered some nuts. After I was also offered an newspaper from their selection. I asked crew if it is possible to move to the bulkhead row and they said yes. So my new seat was 1C. They served hot breakfast on flight to Istanbul with choice of 2 main courses. They also offered amenity kits. Amenity kit was nothing special, it contained: eye shades, earplugs, socks, slippers and lip balsam.


Welcome drink




Amenity kit and headphones


Shortly after takeoff flight attendant brought me breakfast tray. Tray had fresh fruit, olives, jam and butter and salad (tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese). There was also a plate with few different  cheese, peppers and creme.

Cold starter was good, maybe I would add to it some cold cuts (meat or fish) to the cheese. Otherwise the food was delicious and not too cold. For drinks I had orange juice which was good and Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee was also very good and not to sweet.


Cold Starter

Afterwards flight attendant asked me about main course. He offered me choice of omelet or Turkish cheese pie. I choose omelet. Cheese Omelet was also good, specially the side dish with peppers and mushrooms. There where also some potatoes as a side dish.



Main Course

After I finished with the breakfast it was time to take a nap. I tried to fall a sleep but without success. After an hours and half of trying I decided to watch a movie. Movie was good and I menage to snooze for about 30 minutes. When I woke up we where overflying Ankara (Capital city of Turkey) and I order another Turkish Coffee. I was getting a bit hungry and I asked if they have anything to eat and they told me that they don’t. But they brought me more Turkish sweets with the coffee.


Turkish Coffee and sweet delights


This flight to Istanbul was  good. Food was good and crew was very friendly and professional. Seats where not good, specially for a long night flight like this. Maybe I would add some more food, specially snacks before landing or choice when you would like to have breakfast.

Rating for this flight

Seat Comfort 2/5

Food & Drinks 4/5

Service 4/5

Cabin Comfort 5/5

Check-In and Boarding 5/5

Lounge 4/5

Total 24/30 (8.0)

Transit at Istanbul Airport

We had long taxi at the airport (about 15 minutes) before we reached the terminal stand. Jetway was quickly connected and I left plane in less than 5 minutes after we stooped. This time there was no direct connection to departure hall but we walked first to the lover floor of the airport where there is Arrival Hall & Immigration. After 3 minute walk I reached the security line for connecting passengers. It was 06:45 am and hall was full, because at that time many intercontinental flights arrive. I took me 20 minutes to wait before I reached the security check-point. Many people where very upset about the wait and many of them did’t respect the line they just skip the line to the front. After I walked to the coffee shop for quick Espresso and head to the gate. I was at the gate at about 07:30 am.


There was no seats in Business Class available for this flight, so I had Economy Class ticket for the final leg. I reached boarding gate few minutes before 07:30 am. I was seated in Zone C and there was about 10 people already in the line. At 07:40 am boarding was started first with the Zone A (Business Class, M&S Elite / Elite Plus and Star Alliance Gold) then few minutes later with Zone B (seats in rows 20 or more). And I waited for 5 more minutes when they started with Zone C.

Flight Info

Route: Istanbul – Ljubljana

Flight Number: TK 1061

Airline: Turkish Airlines

Aircraft: Airbus A321

Departure Time 08:20 am (actual 08:42 am)

Arrival Time: 08:40 pm (actual 08:35 pm)

Flight Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes (actual 2 hour 10 minutes)

Class and seat: Economy Class, seat 14D

Departure and Arrival time are local


This Airbus A321 it was in high density configuration with European Business Class (3-3 seats with middle seats blocked out). Seat guru shows that the Business Class is in rows 1-3 but today it was extended to the row 9. Business Class was completely full as well as Economy Class. Boarding took about 40 minutes and once it was completed we had long taxi. They served Hot Breakfast also in Economy Class on this 2 hour flight. Seats where standard Economy seats with fairly good legroom. Seats had Audio Entertainment (12 Audio channels)  and overhead TV screen display moving map. Headphone where given out by crew.


Audio Entertainment


Tray table and cup holder


Shortly after the takeoff crew started with the meal service. It was one hot option served with the tray and drink. I choose coffee (it was Nescafe) and glass of water. Breakfast had cheese and olives, berry yogurt, bread and omelet with ham sandwich.  Breakfast was good for Economy Class.



After 30 minutes crew recollect the empty trays and offered refills of coffee and drinks. I spend rest of the flight snoozing and browsing through in-flight magazine and duty free magazine.


Crew did exceptional job on this flight, as it was full flight with little less than 200 passengers on board. Crew was very friendly even that they where busy. There Economy Class service was beyond my expectations.


After 5 minute taxi we where parked to the main terminal and door where opened very quickly. From the aircraft to immigration area there was about 3 minute walk. Immigration took less than 5 minutes. Also luggage delivery was quick and I was in the taxi less than 20 minutes after landing.


Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 and Adria Airways Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet


Rating for this flight

Seat Comfort 3/5

Food & Drinks 4/5

Service 4/5

Cabin Comfort 3/5

Boarding 3/5

Total 17/25 (6.8)


Overall Rating

Flight 1  24/30

Flight 2 17/25

Total: 41/55 (7.4)


Final Thoughts

I enjoyed Business Class experience with Turkish Airlines. Service was generally speaking good both in Business Class and in Economy Class. I would fly again with Turkish Airlines but avoid short connections in Istanbul and regional night flights.

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