Hotel Planika

I visited the Hotel Planika on Saturday evening around 6 pm. Hotel Planika is in town Ljubno about 50 kilometrs (30 miles) as a crows flies from Ljubljana. Hotel Planika is a 4 star boutique hotel offering premium rooms and suites.More information about hotel is available here. Hotel Planika is also know for their A’l Carte restaurant.

Unfortunately I was’t hungry for the A’l Carte dinner so I decided to get some desserts and tea instead. Friendly receptionist showed me the way to their breakfast room which serves as a bar / coffee shop in the afternoon.


Front Desk


Lobby seating area

Ambiance of the room was in Alpine style with large panoramic windows offering view to the front part of Hotel and town’s church. Coffee shop was busy and nearly all tables where taken. Most of the guests where locals.



They where offering their signature desserts such as Homemade Chocolate cake, made with 3 chocolates and served with Raspberry ice cream. Chocolate ball of surprise and Sun flowered pastry in style of Italian meringue. Besides this signature desserts they where also offering classic Slovenian desserts such as “Kremšnita” Cake and Dumplings with nuts and classic desserts such as Chocolate Souffle and ice cream.

I ordered their signature Homemade Chocolate cake. For drinks I ordered Espresso coffee.

First Coffee was brought and few minutes later waiter also brought me the Homemade Chocolate cake. Cake was good, chocolate was not to sweet but was very tasty. Also fresh fruit on the side in combination with Raspberry ice cream add fruit flavor note to the chocolate cake. I liked the dessert.  The blue sauce was extremely sweet with artificial flavor and did’t have any particular flavor. I would not add it to the dessert because it would be better without it. Raspberry ice cream was homemade and was very delicious. Coffee was okay, it was a bit on the long side for the Espresso.


Signature Dessert


Espresso Coffee

After I was done with the dessert and coffee it was time for bill. I did enjoyed my experience but I would add some improvements in service.



Food 4/5

Presentation 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 4/5

Menu 4/5

Total 19/25 (7.6)

Final Toughs

Their coffee shop is average and nothing very special.  Service was average. They where friendly but not attentive. Waiters enjoyed to chitchat with local (regular) guests. Service could be improved for the 4 stars hotel. I do hope that service in their Fine Dinning restaurant is better. Desserts where good and I liked the presentation. I will visit their A’l carte restaurant in the future. But for sure Hotel Planika have one of the best coffee shops in the region.



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