B Bar

I visited B-Bar on Sunday evening in early December. Town wasn’t crowded as much as I expected. Experience began when I arrived at the Inter Continental Hotel. Everything was what I expected from the world class hotel. From opening doors of the car to the personalized experience. It wasn’t my first time at the Inter Continental Hotel in Ljubljana so front desk already remembered my name. It is always nice detail to the experience that you are recognized.


The bar was almost empty only 1 or 2 tables where taken. This is good because cocktails are much better if the bar is not full. I was promptly offered a drink list. They have over 50 different gins, and they have also great selection of whiskeys, cognacs and rums. Beside they have also extensive wine list. Ambiance of the bar is very elegant but a bit on the dark side so I did’t took any pictures of interior because I would need to use flash. Flash would then fade away the elegance of the place. Music was good it was kind of lounge, but I would prefer Jazz. Jazz would suit this kind of place much more. Atmosphere was nice and quite. inside of bar is a bit on the smaller side because it have place only for about 30 guests but terrace is much bigger with place for about 80 guests.  Terrace have also sofas and daybeds so you could have an afternoon cocktail and an hour of relaxation during the summer. I would also change the direction of bar so guests from seated at the bar could enjoy the views of castle.


View from the bar


By recommendation of waiter I first ordered B-Five cocktail. B-Five cocktail is very similar to Mojito but more elegant. It have similar ingredients but no ice. Taste is very elegant, is more an cocktail that you would have as aperitif before the Micheline dinner. Decoration of cocktail was also nice. Cocktail was served chilled and I like the taste. They also brought me a bowl of homemade pasta with spices.


B-Five and pasta



Artistic picture of B-Five

After I was finished with my first cocktail I wanted to stay a bit longer at the place. It was already 7 pm and I was not hungry much so I asked if they have any snacks. They told that they have few desserts and selection of cheese. But they offered me to bring me anything from the restaurant. I decided to take the selection of Slovenian cuts. Together with the food I also order another cocktail. This time they recommend me to take the Lady B.

Lady B is a cocktail in a beautiful powder pink color. It is a more of ladies cocktail but not to sweet. It has a modestly sweet taste of raspberries. There is also a cappuccino style foam on the top. Because of white foam and rose (powder pink) base it look like a Rosé Champagne. It is very elegant cocktail as well which could be served before a Micheline dinner.


Lady B

After 10 minutes waiter brought me selection of cold cuts. It included spicy salami, dry salami, speck, prosciutto and bacon jam. Everything was placed on slice of corn bread. As a side they also brought me selection of breads from the restaurant.  Selection was good I liked that some of meats where spicy. Only thing that I was missing was a cheese. I know there is also a selection of Slovenian cheese but because of portion sizes I would prefer to have a mix. Portions are quiet big and they could easily be shared by two. Selection is also a perfect match for a good glass Slovenian red wine.



Selection of Cold Cuts

After I was done with my second cocktail and my food I ordered coffee. I asked them for lungo (long espresso). Coffee was good I liked the taste of it. It was a bit more on the bitter side. Together with the coffee they also brought me “Chocolate Bee”. “Chocolate Bee” is their homemade praline with honey and milk chocolate. I liked the honey used in the chocolate.


After I finished with the coffee it was time to end my experience at the Inter Continental Hotel of today. Quickly I was back down to the lobby where my taxi was waiting for me. I liked that bellboy again open the doors of car for me.


Drinks 5/5

Food 4/5

Service 5/5

Ambiance 4/5

Menu 4/5

Total 22/25 (8.8)

Final Toughs

Bar at the Inter Continental Ljubljana is definitely on the world class level. Service is good and ambiance is very elegant and luxurious as expect from the luxury hotel like this. I also liked that manager of restaurant came to say “Hi”. It always make guests feel even more welcome when management team is around saying “Hi” and having small chats with guests. I think that bar is one of the best in Ljubljana and is definitely worth the visit.




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