Kavarna Grand Hotel Union

I visited the Union Hotel on Saturday morning. At that time I had an option of buffet breakfast at the restaurant or to visit coffee shop “Kavarna Union” which is also having A’l carte breakfast. Grand Hotel Union is 4 star luxury hotel located in the downtown of Ljubljana offering rooms and suites in both classic and modern style. Find more about hotel here.

“Kavarna Union” is designed in classical Vienna’s Coffeehouse style. Decor is very classical but it could be more elegant and classy specially for the luxury hotel. Space have about 30 tables and it was very busy on Saturday morning.



“Kavarna Union” is offering all day dinning with snacks and selected dishes as well as breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is A’l carte menu which is quite limited. For example they only offer 1 egg dish, have limited offering of other breakfast items. I choose Eggs Benedict with ham and to drink I had orange juice and espresso coffee.


My table

Coffee and juice where brought fast, in less than 5 minutes from order. I liked when drinks are brought quick and before the food. Coffee was good, it was an espresso from Illy. I also liked the art painted on the coffee cup. Together with the coffee was also small chocolate, I always like when small sweet delights are served with the coffee. Orange juice was also good, it was freshly squeezed and had full (natrual) and a bit biter taste.  I like that is not to sweet or artificial taste.


Coffee and Orange Juice

After 10 minutes my food was brought to the table. Eggs where good but had very plain taste. I was missing some spices to add some more flavor to the food. Beside spices I would also add some hot salsa or chili sauce to the site for those that like spicy food. I asked for pepper and salt which where brought to me after some time. Toast was also nothing special, it was very average piece of bread. Bacon was crispy and I like it it was a highlight of the dish. Decoration was basic but I liked the spinach leaves served next to the toast. I would also add some more vegetables to the dish.


Main Course

After I finished with the main course it was time to flag down the waiter and asked for the bill. Process took about 5 minutes and it was time to say goodbye. And my experience came to the end.



Food 4/5

Presentation 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 4/5

Menu 3/5

Total 18/25 (7.2)

Final Toughs

Maybe I had to high expectation from the luxury hotel coffee shop. Service was not very attentive and it took quite sometime to flag down the waiter and ask for additional requests (example: glass of water, pepper and salt). Service could be improved by having more waiters specially during peak hours of the day. Otherwise waitress where friendly and professional. Menu could be more extensive and offer more breakfast dishes. Food was very average and I was expecting more. I think some improvements could be done on food quality and menu options.

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