Gostilna Rakar

I visited Gostilna Rakar on Sunday at the lunch time. I was doing a short road trip around this part of Slovenia. I used JRE Guide (Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe) to find this resturant. I had a reservation and table was waiting for me and my group. It was lunch time and restaurant was 90% full.

Interior ambiance of restaurant is modern and very simple. Because restaurant was full I couldn’t take any photos of interior beside the photo of the entrance. Restaurant is having a dinning room which is divided with curtains to offer more privacy for guests. Restaurant was very full and very loud.



Waiter came in few minutes and asked us for drinks. He also brought us menu. Menu is inspired by local cuisine.  Menu is a bit limited offering only few starters and main courses. There was no tasting menu which I was excepting as it is very common in JRE restaurants to have tasting menu.



I order homemade Pâté for a starter, for main course I had colt fillet with vegetables and bread dumpling. For desserts I had their “Dessert Selection” which was the only dessert they had.

After about 10 minutes waiter brought the starters. Starter was a Goose Pâté with sliced pear and homemade bread. I like the taste of Pâté and I also liked the combination of the sweet and savor flavors. I was missing some more spices to the Pâté. Pâté was good but nothing special whole starter experience was average and missing some creativity.



After about 10 minutes waiter brought us main courses. I ordered colt fillet which was served with bread dumplings, vegetables and mashed pumpkins. Meat was done medium as I wished. Meat was good and not dry. I would add more variety of vegetables and some sauce for the meat. Main course was again good but very average. I would some more creativity to the dish.


Main Course

After main course we waited for about 20 minutes before waiter asked us about the dessert choice. Dessert choice was only one and it was mixed dessert. We waited for additional 15 minutes for the dessert.

They brought the plate with souffé, crème brûlée, cinnamon ice cream, cream and blubbery cake. Dessert was very sweet. I liked some individual desserts such as cinnamon ice cream and soufflé. Blubbery cake was very tasteless and sweet. Dessert where again very average. I also had an espresso coffee with the desserts which was nothing special.



After we where done with the desserts it was time to end the dinning experience.



Food 3/5

Presentation 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5

Menu 3/5

Total 16/25 (6.4)

Final Toughs

Restaurant is very average and I was expecting much more because they are listed in JRE guide. Food was nothing special, it was average food with nice presentation. I was missing the creativity with the food. Service was also average and not attentive. I need to ask multiple times for another bottle of water, which was brought about 15 minutes later. They mixed up the order for some people of my group and waiter was not even apologetic about the mistake.  Ambiance of the restaurant was nothing special and very loud. Atmosphere at the restaurant is not fine dinning one.

They are still away from being fine dinning restaurant even that presentation is on the right track. I am wondering how they got listed by JRE Guide which is one of more prestige European restaurant guides. In the future if they improve dinning atmosphere and menu they can become a very good restaurant. I would love to come back and try it again in some time.


Contact Details

Name: Gostilna Rakar

Address: Gorenje Ponikve 8, 8210 Trebnje

Telephone: +386 (07) 346 61 90

Website: http://rakar.si/

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