Gostilna Repnik

I visited the restaurant Gostilna Repnik when I was doing my road trip around this part of Slovenia. Restaurant was recommended by my GPS navigation. Restaurant is located few minute drive from Kamnik in the direction of Vransko. You can find the address at the end of review. They also have few rooms on the side, you can find more on their website. I visited the restaurant around lunch time (around 2:30 pm) on Saturday and it was full. Luckily for me I got reservation so table was waiting for me.

Entrance to the restaurant


Ambiance of restaurant is nothing luxurious is more like traditional “Gostilna” (Inn). As it was full there was a lot of noise. Guests where locals, tourists (families and couples) as well as few business guests.


Waiter promptly came to my table and asked me about drinks. He also presented me choice for lunch. There was no written set or A’l carte menu. For start it was mushroom or pumpkin soup, to be continued by chicken, beef or pork.  Chicken could be fried or served as fillet. Beef and pork could either be in sauce (natural or pepper) or grilled. They would serve mashed or roasted potato or/and vegetable. And also salad could be add it to the lunch.

I went with mushroom soup for the start, pork in natural sauce and roasted potato for the main course. I skipped the salad.



Soup was brought maybe a minute after the drinks. I liked the quick start of the meal. Mushroom soup was good and not to hot. Together with the soup they also brought me homemade bread which was delicious. Maybe it could be a bit more salty. But I added some salt to it and it was great.



After I was done waiter promptly cleared my table. I had to wait for about 10 minutes to get my main course. Wait was not too long and it was good to have some time between the coursers. Tempo was good, I could see that also other tables where getting their food at roughly same time. Only con would be that potato was not brought together with the meat but about 5 minutes later.

Main course was good. I liked the roasted pork in sauce. Meat was tasty and not plain. It was quite full of flavor, natural one not spiced. Roasted potatoes where tasteless. They had some plain taste but where missing some of the spices. I added some salt and pepper and they become eatable but nothing special. I was quiet disappointed about the potato. There was also some vegetable at the side, it was good.


Meat and Vegetables


Already during the main course I ran out of drinks. I had to flagged down the waiter twice to get order placed and it took almost forever to get drinks. I got them few moments before dessert. At this time service became very not attentive. Restaurant was busy and waitress where working hard but system of organization braked down. I waited over 10 minutes that they cleared my table and asked me for dessert.

Dessert choices where few type of cakes (like Pie, Apple Strudel) and vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil. I ordered the vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil and coffee. Dessert and coffee where served after about 10 minutes.


Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil was excellent. Also presentation was upgraded and wouldn’t believe it is from same place. Taste was very good, I liked both the ice cream which wasn’t too sweet and oil.  I also liked the combination, because it was innovative step up from the classic Slovenian food.


After I was done with the lunch was time to say goodby and my experience came to the end.


Food 3/5

Presentation 4/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 3/5

Menu 4/5

Total 17/25 (6.8)

Final Toughs

Restaurant was good but need’s some improvement to become exceptional. Service is great, waiters where friendly and also topping up glasses. But suddenly there was drop from great service to bad service. I don’t know what changed over a minute but from my guest perspective this is not good (acceptable). Food was also great beside the potatoes, I specially liked the dessert. I would also extended menu and add some more variations to the food and but the “Classic” Slovene food to the background. Restaurant have great potential to improve and I would love to come back in a year to try it again.

It is definitely one of better restaurants in that region. It is good restaurant but I am not fan of the “Traditional” places. I prefer more contemporary and modern cuisine.


Contact Details

Name: Gostilna Repnik

Adress: Vrhpolje 186, 1241 Kamnik Slovenia

Telephone: 051 300 357

Website: http://www.gostilna-repnik.si/


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