Cubo Hotel

I visited the restaurant on Wednesday around lunch time. Cubo Hotel is in downtown of Ljubljana. It takes 5 minute walk from the Prešeren square to the hotel. Cubo Hotel is a 4 star boutique hotel offering luxurious rooms and suites in the downtown of Ljubljana. More information about the hotel is Avalible Here.

They have a restaurant on the first floor serving buffet breakfast in the morning, daily lunch at the lunch time and a’l carte dinner in the evening. Restaurant was not busy only 3 or 4 tables where taken. I had a reservation and waiter offered me table for 4 next to the window.


My Table

Ambiance of the restaurant is elegant and stylish. In the background there was a lounge music playing which added to the ambience of the place. Colors of the restaurant are bright (mostly white) and some walls are in darker colors to create contrast.



At the lunch time they offer “Daily Lunch” menu which have 2 starters, 4 main courses and 2 desserts to choose. Their offer is quite extensive, which I like. I choose cold cuts for a starter and pasta with Gorgonzola for the main course. I had Mango mascarpone for the dessert.


Daily Menu

Prior the appetizer waiter brought me bread basket and Truffle cream cheese / butter.  Cold cuts where brought on black stone plate. On the plate was goat cheese, prosciutto, apricot and nuts. I liked the presentation and taste of it. Maybe I would add some pickled vegetables to it.



After I was finished with appetizer waiter promptly took away my plate. In few minutes they where back with the salad. I like when kitchen is synchronized with guests pace, to minimize guests waiting time for giving a guest few minutes pause to get ready for next course. Before the main course waiter brought me a salad together with oil and vinegar. It was a classic green salad. I liked the flavor of their oil.




Cubo’s olive oil and vinegar

My selected main course was pasta in Gorgonzola sauce with peppers. I liked the dish specially the cheese was very good. I would add some spices (chili or pepper) to add some more flavor to the cheese. But otherwise it was delicious.


Main Course

After I was done with main course, wait came to ask me about desserts. I choose the Mango mascarpone dessert and I ordered coffee with milk. After few minutes coffee was brought. Dessert was brought later (about 5 minutes). Coffee was good and milk was served in a small cute bottle (like milk bottle). I liked the dessert, specially a coconut flavor notes. Dessert wasn’t to sweet, which I liked.



After I was done with the dessert it was time to say goodbye as my experience at the Cubo came to the end.


Food 4/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 4/5

Ambiance 5/5

Menu 5/5

Total 23/25 (9.2)

Final Toughs

Resturant at the Cubo Hotel was great. I liked the ambiance and food was amazing. Waitress where friendly and service was great for the first part of lunch. After the main course service became less attentive. Otherwise experience was great, I would rank Cubo in the Top 5 of Ljubljana’s restaurants.

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