Gostilna Krištof

I visited the resturant Gostilna Krištof on the weekend when I was doing a short road trip in this part of Slovenia. Resturant is recommended by several Slovenian guides. You can find their address on the end of review.  I visit the restaurant at the lunch time and about 70-80% of tables where taken. I had a reservation and table was waiting for me and my group.


Entrance to the restaurant

Ambiance of restaurant is cozy and nice combination of traditional Slovenian design and modern design. Restaurant is divided to several rooms each having few tables.


My table



Waiter came in few minutes to us with the menu and asked us about drinks. I had sparkling water with ice which was brought in few minutes. Menu is inspired by local cuisine and is changed seasonally. They also offer 3 to 5 course tasting menus.Menu is available here, but unfortunately only in Slovene language.

I ordered Deer carpaccio for starter. For main course I had Beef Fillet with truffles and Foie gras. And for dessert I had Walnut souffle.

Lunch began with Amuse-Bouche which was their homemade Oreo cookies (not sweet) filled with Truffle’s creme cheese and homemade chips in yellow and red color. I liked the Oreo cookies they were very delicious and I liked the idea of something unique. After we where served second Amuse-Bouche which was a soup served in Espresso mug. I like again the idea of something unique. Soup was a vegetable soup and not too spiced with salt.


First Amuse-Bouche


Second Amuse-Bouche

After about 10 minutes starters where brought to the table. I didn’t like that starters where not brought at the same time to everyone. Starter was composition of Deer carpacio, cranberry sauce and nuts. I like the combination and harmony of both sweet and savoury flavors. Presentation was nice and artistic, I liked the empty space on the plate.




After we where done with starter plates where taken away. Main course was brought in about 15 minutes. Tempo of 10-15 minutes between courses was good. I like that there is some time between the courses.

For Main course I had Beef fillet with Foie gras, croquet with mushrooms with onion jam. Beef was very delicious and soft in the center. I liked the taste and balance between savor and sweet. Main course was very delicious.


Main Course

After we where done with our main course, plates where taken away in about 15 minutes. And service slowed down a bit. We order desserts and I choose the Walnuts Souffle with pier and Vanilla ice cream.  Before dessert they brought us a plate of chocolate cookies filled with sweet cream. They were delicious. Cookie had walnut taste and they where also shaped like walnuts.



Dessert was a walnut Soufflé with vanilla ice cream and pier. It was delicious and different than Chocolate Soufflé. And I liked that it wasn’t too sweet.



After we where done with the dessert we had coffee. I had an espresso which was good. And it was time to end wonderful dinning experience at the Gostilna Krištof.



Food 5/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 5/5

Menu 5/5

Total 23/25 (9.2)

Final Toughs

Restaurant is very good, it is one of the Top 20 restaurants in Slovenia. Food is delicious and menu’s is a great combination of modern dinning with traditional and local ingredients. Menu is very extensive also offering vegan options. Service is good, waitress are friendly and attentive. Only thing I did’t like about the service was that food at starter wasn’t brought to everyone at the same time and that service slowed down later during the lunch.  I liked experience and I would recommend you to go for the road trip to visit the restaurant. It is an amazing Fine Dinning experience.


Contact Details

Name: Gostilna Krištof

Address: Predoslje 22, 4000 Kranj

Telephone: +386 (0)4 2341 030

Website: https://gostilnakristof.si/sl/


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