Gostilna Theodosius

Restaurant Theodosius is located about an hour away from Ljubljana in the small village above Vipava. Landscape around the restaurant is very beautiful.



Restaurant have two dinning areas and outside terrace. During our visit restaurant was quiet busy, they had an large group (about 25 people) and also 2 other tables where occupied. Luckily our group had a reservation and table was waiting for us.Ambient of restaurant was classy but nothing special.

Entrance to restaurant

Theodosius is offering regionally inspired food from Krast Region. They are focused on meat delights but are also offering fish. Food is produced from local ingredients produced locally. Owners of restaurant are also waitress and they explained us about their “0 km vision”. Their vision is to serve food that was produced with 1 km around the restaurant.

I ordered selection of meat delights for an starter and an pork leg with potato for main course. For dessert we had their selection of deserts.

Lunch began with an Amuse-Bouche which was pheasant paté served on homemade toast style bread with a touch of olive oil. Amuse-Bouche was delicious and a great start of the lunch.


After about 10 minutes waitress / owner brought the starters. I had an selection of cold cuts. Selection had few meat delights from the region. It had few slices of prosciutto, few slices of homemade salami, few slices of homemade sausages. and  also few slices of goat cheese. It was very delicious and I like the taste of everything. Maybe I would add few slices more of cheese to it.


About 20 minutes later waiter / owner brought us the main courses. I ordered pork leg which was served mashed potatoes and pea. It was very delicious but unfortunately I don’t like taste of pork. I liked the crunchy crust but meat was tasteless for me. I believe it was very delicious but I don’t liked unfortunately.

Main Course

After about 10 minutes waiter / owner came around and asked us about dessert. He suggested us to take their “Selection of Desserts”, basically all the desserts served on a share plate. I liked the concept, so everyone can try everything. I also order an Espresso.

Selection of Desserts included (from up left to the right): Vanilla Ice-cream, Pear in mascarpone, walnut dumpling and cream cake. Everything was delicious, my favorite was an vanilla ice cream together with walnut dumplings. Coffee was also very good.

Selection of Desserts

After the desserts we chat with the owner for few minutes. Afterwards our experience at the Theodosius came to the end.



Food 5/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 4/5

Ambiance 4/5

Menu 4/5

Total 22/25 (8.8)


Final Toughs

Restaurant is very good, food is delicious and owners are very friendly. Service could be a bit more attentive and polished but it was very good. I enjoyed the food, it was very delicious classic food. I am recommending you to visit the restaurant. During the weekend days it gets crowded, I recommend that you reserved table in advance.



Contact Details

Name: Theodosius

Address: Vrhpolje 80b, 5271 Vipava, Slovenia

Telephone: +386 40 232 090

Website: https://www.theodosius.si

Price Range: 35€ (3 course menu, excluding drinks)

Opening Hours:
Monday – Tuesday: 12-23

Wednesday – Thursday: Closed

Friday:  18-24

Saturday: 12-24

Sunday: 12-17