Resturant Foša

I visited restraint Foša on Sunday at around 3 pm. I visited the restaurant in late February, so I wasn’t expect crowds. Restaurant was empty, only 1 or 2 tables where taken. Restaurant is located in downtown Zadar only few minutes walk away from the main street. More about the restaurant you can find here. (link to the restaurant website). Foša is an member of JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe) which is an fine dinning association with restaurants across Europe.

Restaurant’s exterior

Ambiance of restaurant is elegant and luxurious. Restaurant is having also an terrace overlooking the sea.

They have an continental menu inspired by Mediterranean and local cuisine. They offer both pre-set “Tasting Menu” and Al carte menu. I decided to have an 3 course A’l carte lunch. For start I went with the truffle soup, followed by Steak in truffle sauce. I finished the lunch with the chocolate dessert.

Menu was on the tablet instead of the printed version. I never saw an “Digital menu” before and I did not expected to find one in fine dinning restaurant to be honest.

Digital Menu

Before the soup was served, waiter brought me an Amuse-Bouche. It was an Bruschetta with gratinated cheese and tomato. Bruscheta was very tasty and I like it.


Few minutes later soup was served. It was an vegetable zucchini soup with the truffles on the top. Soup was very creamy and I liked that there was lot’s of truffles. Flavor of the soup was very enriched with the truffles.


After I was done with the soup, waiter promptly cleared the plates. Waiter was very friendly and professional. About 20 minutes later he brought me main course.

Main course was an beefsteak with truffles served with mashed potatoes and truffles sauces. Truffles sauce had also pieces of truffles. I liked the combination of truffles and steak. Steak was very delicious and also cooked perfectly. I was missing some vegetables as side dish, but it was my because I did’t order any.

Main Course

After I was done with main course waiter asked me if I want a dessert. I order an chocolate mouse which was served in Martini style cocktail glass.

Dessert was a bit disappointing. The upper layer of cherries was very sweet. But the chocolate layer was good. But unfortunately I didn’t like the dessert. I had an espresso with the dessert which was very good.


After I was done with the dessert it was time to say “Goodbye” and to end the dinning experience at the Foša Resturant.



Food 4/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Menu 4/5

Total 23/25 (9.2)

Final Toughs

Foša resturant is excellent restaurant with the exceptional service. I liked the service which was very attentive from the beginning to the end. The food was amazing with the exception of the dessert which I did’t like. I would add some innovation to the menu. Menu was very classical which is not bad. Foša is classical fine dinning resturant. I think Foša is on of the best restaurants in Zadar. I would love to come back in a year to see how they improve.