Vander Haus

I visited Vander Hotel on Monday around lunch time. Vander Hotel is located in downtown of Ljubljana. I take few minutes walking from Prešeren square a alongside of Ljubljanica river and you are in front of Vander Hotel. Vander Hotel is a 4 star boutique hotel, they are members of Design Hotels. More information about the hotel is Available Here.


Entrance to the restaurant

They have their “Haus” resturant which is a main restaurant of the hotel. At the “Haus” you can eat breakfast, daily or a’l carte lunch or a’l carte dinner. Next to the “Haus” they have a dedicated area for the “Á la carte restaurant” their fine dinning restaurant. Both “Haus” and “Á la carte” share same space. They have virtually two resturants in one room. Beside the two restaurants they have also Bubbles Bar and rooftop terrace.

I visited “Haus”, it was empty only 1 table was taken besides mine. I had a reservation but waitress asked me to pick a table. I picked the table in the corner with yellow sofa.


My table

Ambiance is inspired by the prohibition era. I liked how they keep it simple and unique at the same time. I liked the yellow sofas. Yellow color makes the space more live. Jazz was played as a background music, so I think that their theme is Jazz and Prohibition era. I like Jazz and places inspired by Jazz.


Interior ambiance

Food is inspired by the local Slovenian cuisine, they also use only the finest ingredients that can be found on the local open market. Both taste and looks prove that ingredients are local. Menu is inspired with both Slovenian and contemporary cuisine. As it was lunch time and I was limited with the time I went for “Daily Lunch”.


Daily Lunch Menu (in Slovene)

Daily lunch was Fennel Soup as a starter. For main course it was choice of Salad with chicken, Salmon fillet with lens or Stuffed Peppers. For dessert it was a Meringata. I choose a Stuffed Peppers for main course.

My first course was a Fennel Soup. Soup was delicious and had some local herbs on the top. I liked the presentation the herbs in different colors and soup as “White” background. Taste was good maybe herb could be a bit stronger to add to the taste. But I liked how herbs would individually add their touch to every spoon I ate. Waitress also brought breadbasket with choice of white and dark bread. Dish was served at the right temperature not too hot or too cold.



After I was finished with the starter waitress promptly brought me main course. It is nice when kitchen and service are synchronized to minimize the waiting time of guests. Main course was stuffed pepper with minced meat and mashed potato. I liked the taste of meat and potato but they where a bit lacking of spices. I asked for some black pepper and was promptly offered one. Pepper add the taste to it, maybe I would also add some chili or something for guests that like spicy food. I liked how they keep tomato sauce inside the pepper. Tomato sauce was great and full of flavor. Dish was served at the right temperature not too hot or too cold.


Main Course

After I was done with the main course was time for the dessert. Waitress asked me if I would like to have coffee or tea with my dessert. I order Espresso which was brought few moments later. Coffee was good. Dessert was brought few minutes later, I liked how they make short break between Main Course and Dessert. I don’t like if they bright course after course too quickly.

Dessert was a Meringata. Meringata is a small soft fluffy cookies. They had Amaretto flavor. Maringata was a sweet finish of lunch experience at the Vander Hotel.



I was done with my experience at the Vander “Haus” restaurant and it was time to say goodbye.



Food 4/5

Presentation 5/5

Service 5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Menu 4/5

Total 23/25 (9.2)

Final Toughs

“Haus” Restaurant at the Vander Hotel is amazing. Everything from food to the menu, presentation and service. I am looking forward to try their Al carte menu next time. Maybe I would add more options for Starters to their daily menu. Some people prefer starter instead of soup. Even that soup as a starter is common in Europe. Service was good and professional. Waitress was friendly and in the end we had small chat. It is always nice to have chat or to share a story or two with the waiters. I love because this add a personal touch to the experience.

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