Slon 1552

I visited the restaurant Slon 1552 on Monday around lunch time. Resturant Slon 1552 is located in the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon. Best Westeren Premier Hotel Slon is 4 star business hotel offering rooms and suites in downtown of Ljubljana. More information about hotel is available here.

Resturant Slon 1552 is offering lunches and dinners from Monday to Saturday. They have contemporary continental cuisine inspired by medeterianian and Slovenian flavors. Restaurant ambiance is in Colonial style and is very nice and elegant. When I entered the restaurant I was nicely welcomed by the waiter which took my coat and showed to the table.



They offer daily lunch menu which is quite extensive with 5 main courses and 2 soups and 2 salads. They could improve the selection of starters and desserts because they offer only one of each. I choose the starter which was “Marinated pumpkin with grilled carrot served on spinach leaves with balsamic dressing” and main course which was “Crispy chicken with cheese & bread souffle and marinated vegetables. For dessert I had Panna Cotta with raspberries.

Starter was brought very quickly, in less than 5 minutes after I ordered. Starter was very basic. I liked the balsamic vinegar which added flavor to the vegetables. Vegetables had very plain flavor and where missing some spices so I asked for salt and pepper.



After I was done with the starter waiter promptly brought me salad. Salad was very basic and it was a mix of salad and tomato. Waiter also brought me some oil and vinegar to add to the salad.



Few moments later, waiter also brought me my main course. Crispy chicken was good but nothing special. Soufflé and vegetables where delicious and very nicely accompanied the crispy chicken. I was missing some homemade sauce with the chicken.


Main Course

When I was done with the main course waiter came to clear the plate and asked me if I would like to have coffee with the dessert. I order Espresso which was brought moments later with the dessert.

Dessert was an Panna Cotta with strawberry topping and few pieces of fresh fruit on the top. Panna Cotta was too sweet and nothing special at all. I was quiet disappointed about the dessert. Luckily coffee was good, and I liked the small chocolate which was brought together with the coffee.



After I was done with the dessert it was time to say Goodbye and my experience came to the end. Waiter brought the coat back to me and nicely walked me out of the restaurant and opened the door for me.



Food 3/5

Presentation 4/5

Service 5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Menu 4/5

Total 21/25 (8.4)

Final Toughs

Lunch was good but nothing special and I was expecting more from the restaurant. They excel at the service which was really exceptional and it was highlight of the lunch experience. But the food is very average, food is not bad but the dishes are very basic and nothing special. Experience was between above average because of the superior service. And I think they should expand their starter options by offering more starters even that soup is very common in Europe as a starter.

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